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ASERT: Allergies Sensitivities  Elimination and Reprogramming Technique  This technique allows the body to normally process substances including medication that is offensive to it.

BLADDER LIFT: Reset's the bladder in a normal position to stop frequency of urination and or loss of bladder control.

BRAINTAP: In 12 weeks you can change your brain and change your life. De-stress, Sleep better, Break a habit, Improve your health

COLD and FLU: We can shorten the duration and sometimes prevent their occurrence by boosting the immune system

CRA - Contact Reflex Analysis: This is the best and most comprehensive diagnostic and treatment system I have ever seen in all my years of practice. You can plug into this system everything you have learned before and every piece of technology at your disposal.  It also has a line of nutritional products and essential oils.

DIAPULSE: Heal broken hearts, bronchitis and bones

EMOTIONAL THERAPIES: Color Therapy, Chakra Release and Emotional C.P.R.

FOOT BATH: Ionic detoxification system

THE HUMMINGBIRD: Parasympathetic stimulation

INFECTIONS: Laser therapy and Homeopathy is safe and effective way to resolve infections

JOINT PROBLEMS: Several strategies’ to aid in the resolution of joint problems

LASERS: For pain control, infections, allergies work and much more


CLINICAL NUTRITION: To aid in the resolution of nutritional and health problems

PULSING MAGNETIC FIELD (MG33): To energize and repair the body at the cellular level. Very effective for sprain and strain injuries

QUANTUM NEUROLOGY: A system to check and correct every major nerve in the body with life-changing results (restoring function that was loss for years)

SKIN CONDITIONS: Usually due to a malfunction of one or more of the detoxifying organs like the liver


THERAPEUTIC MODALITIES:  We have a variety of modalities to help you heal faster

VISION: We can help with a variety of vision-related issues.

WEIGHT LOSS: We can tailor a program to get you to your weight goal.

X-RAY: Digital x-ray is onsite


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